Sample Sightseeing Route

Model course for visiting the Sendai area for the first time

Add in Matsushima to see some Date culture as well!

Sendai Station (JR)
Matsushima Kaigan Station (JR)
Highlights: Zuiganji Temple, Entsuin Temple, and Godaido Hall This is a walking tour starting from the station. (Time required: approximately 2 hours)Click here for more details.
Sendai Station (JR)
Lunchtime: The beef tongue and sushi restaurant areas inside Sendai Station are highly recommended.
Sendai Station (Loople Sendai)
Zuihoden Mausoleum (Loople Sendai)
Highlight: Zuihoden Mausoleum This facility is connected with DATE Masamune, who founded Sendai City. (Time required: 30 minutes or more) Click here for more details.
Site of Sendai Castle (Loople Sendai)
Highlight: Tenshudai A fantastic viewing spot that looks out on the streets of Sendai.Click here for more details.
Osaki Hachimangu Shrine (Loople Sendai)
Highlight: Osaki Hachimangu Shrine The main building is a national treasure. (Time required: 30 minutes or more)
Sendai Mediatheque (Loople Sendai)
Highlight: Sendai Mediatheque There are shops selling folk crafts on the 1st floor.
Why not have a walk along Jozenji-dori Avenue, a road that’s a symbol of Sendai.
The largest restaurant district in all of Tohoku is about a 10-minute walk away. Why not try dinner at one of the places here?
Kotodai-koen Station (Subway) or
Hirose-dori Station (Subway)
Sendai Station (Subway)

Facility Discounts

Zuihoden Mausoleum

Adults: ¥550→¥450
High School Students: ¥400→¥350
Elementary/Junior High School Students: ¥200→¥150

Aoba Castle Museum

Adults: ¥700→¥500
Junior high/ High School Students: ¥500→¥300
Elementary school students: ¥300→¥200

Osaki Hachimanagu Shrine

★Free picture postcard

Not using the Sendai Area Pass
Train and bus fares ¥1,800

Admission fees ¥1,250

Using the Sendai Area Pass

Admission fees ¥950


Model course for enjoying Akiu Onsen

Model course for a day-trip from Sendai
With this plan, you can enjoy Akiu Onsen (Hot Springs), a winery tour, and other sightseeing activities.

Sendai Station (Miyagi Kotsu Bus)
Miyagi Kotsu Bus
Akiu Otaki (Miyagi Kotsu Bus)
Highlight: Akiu Otaki Falls A nationally-designated scenic area. (Time required: approximately 30 minutes)Click here for more details.
Miyagi Kotsu Bus
Akiu Sato Center (Miyagi Kotsu Bus) (City Bus)
This is a free sightseeing spot that’s a good starting point for exploring the Akiu area. Services ideal for travelers such as footbaths and bike rentals are available. The Akiu Winery is also within walking distance.
Sendai City Bus
Ayashi (City Bus)
Get off at the Sendai Astronomical Observatory bus stop.
Sendai City Bus
Ayashi Station (JR)
JR Senzan Line
Sendai Station (JR)

Facility Discounts

Akiu Otaki Botanical Garden

Adults: ¥240→¥190
high school/College Stydents: ¥180→¥140
Elementary/Junior High School Students: ¥120→¥90

Not using the Sendai Area Pass
Train and bus fares ¥3,104

Admission fees ¥240

Using the Sendai Area Pass

Admission fees ¥190


Southern regions tour

Spring cherry blossoms plan

Sendai Station (JR)
JR Tohoku Line
JR Ōgawara Station
Highlight: “Hitome Senbonzakura”
Hitome Senbonzakura is a site with the Zao mountains in the background where you can see about 1,200 cherry trees lined up along a river. This is one of the most famous views in Miyagi Prefecture.
JR Tohoku Line
Highlight: The castle town near “Shiroishi Castle.” The cherry blossoms are beautiful here in the spring. This location has a rich variety of appealing elements for sightseeing like hot springs and a special type of noodles called Shiroishi-onmen.
JR Tohoku Line
From here, you’ll take the “Abukuma Express.”
Abukuma Express Line
Abukuma Express Line
JR Tohoku Line
Sendai Station (JR)
Not using the Sendai Area Pass
Train and bus fares ¥2,420

Using the Sendai Area Pass